What do people say about us?

So happy that I found this harness! As a long time water sport enthusiast I was very excited to find a harness made out of neoprene. The fit is perfect, no pinching or rubbing pressure points - just an overall comfortable tailored fit. I love the safety features of the double lead connection rings and reflective stars. Truly a great harness that takes us from daily walks to adventurous play. Thank you MyCavalier! 
~ Gaye, USA

"The stars are so cute! We just took them for a walk as it was getting dark and they were luminous!"
~ Blenheim cavs, Dubai
"Äntligen har jag hittat en sele som passar min spralliga cockerpoo! Hon kliver i den hur enkelt som helst, älskar att hon slipper ha något draget över huvudet, dessutom är den mjuk och skön!" 
~ Lisa, Stockholm